A world without Jobs.

I credit one person for making my life better and worse. That man is Steve Jobs. He has gifted me with tools that have birthed my internet addiction and given me and other people a platform to be creative. If he wouldn’t have done what he did the entire cell phone market wouldn’t have been revolutionized. He is one of the most important if not the single most important man of the last 30 years in modern day civilization.
It’s been 3 years since Steve died leaving Tim Cook to take on the role as CEO of the company. The core of apple is still the same but new acquisitions like the recent revolutionary Beats acquisition and the hiring of former Burberry and YSL executives see the company moving towards trying to be an international lifestyle brand then just a technology brand. It seems as if with Steve’s passing so went their integrity and pride. Doing anything to make a quick buck. Because it’s apple people will buy without giving second thought. The biggest example of this is the disgusting iPhone 5c that came out last year when they rolled out the 5s. For starters it was cheaper so many people bought it losing that exclusive thing about iPhones that some people who care about class and having that “it thing” care about. But it came with a bunch of different nasty colors in plastic opposed to the traditional black or white assumed aluminum. It was an easy way for apple to make more money and compete with the number 2: Samsung. Steve would have never done that.
His underrated and overlooked (due to the lead character casting choices) movie Jobs is an amazing glimpse into the man behind the madness. There were methods. You learn more watching during the hour and half than you can ever retain reading his long Wikipedia page. There is obviously some fiction and embellishing in there but at the root he created a company called Apple. The biopic will remind you alot of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg The Social Network biopic. Steve and Mark both did end up screwing people over and weren’t the kindest to some people but that’s where the similarities stop. In the biopic Steve wasn’t nice when his vision wasn’t met or understood and didn’t want those people around. He was a groundbreaking innovator and being nice and fair to people isn’t always being fair to your vision and the product you are trying to bring to life.
He was trying to make a way for people to communicate better and live better. Zuckerberg was just trying to create a site to rate girls and get back at former flames of his. The Jobs movie is really a must watch for anyone who is interested in the process behind the legends of our time, His resilience to fight for what the customer might want in the future is untouched. There are so many quotables in that movie that you could get away with tweeting to your minuscule twitter followers and sound like a true visionary.

50 years from when we have our 6th female president and she commissions a new version of Mount Rushmore to be built somewhere in the Valleys of Silicon Valley; Steve Jobs’s face will be the only one worthy of being erected on to that mountain.
It’s only right.

That Kardashian Reign Just Won’t Let Up.


"You don’t really act, you don’t sing, you don’t dance, you don’t have any talent." - Barbara Walters


Ever since the birth of the reality show haters everywhere have been saying the Kardashians are famous for being famous, they don’t do anything. Countless reality shows, product endorsements, clothing lines, and makeup lines I guess can be put in the category of doing nothing. But now more than ever one of them can add video game curator to her job title.image

Earlier last month Kim Kardashian teased her new video game with a picture of her in the studio with a microphone. I thought we would be getting the long awaited sequel to her critically acclaimed song "Turn it up (Jam)". But nope. Fast forward to June 27th and she released her first of many (I’m sure) games for ios devices entitled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. In the game your goal is to become an A-list celebrity doing various jobs and going to photoshoots and that type of thing. 

The app itself is free in the appstore. But according to a recent Bloomberg profile the app could generate at least $200 Million by the end of the year. 


 In the game there are in app purchases where you can pay actual cash to get more “K-Stars” to further yourself in the game to get to that A list level faster.Tracie from Jezbel found that she spent nearly $500 on the in app purchases.

Bonus: Popular Youtuber KidFury reviews the game below in a hilarious 6 minute video that will have you wanting to download the game and add it to your list of never-ending addictions.

The app is the 5th highest grossing app in the app store since it’s release. With such a huge success it’s only time before they make this game available to Android users as well which will generate even more revenue for Kim and the publisher Glu Mobile. That means more pictures on Kim’s instagram flaunting of all the clothing you will never be able to afford.

In 2012 her and her family negotiated a whopping $40 million contract for three more seasons. 4 years later and a new contract has been negotiated with a bigger payout than the last one including two new spin offs coming over the next two years. The family itself has made the E! network. Before them no one really watched that network. But with the additions of their successful programming it has made it possible for other shows to have success there.

We can credit this all to momager Kris Jenner. With her 10% manager cut she has made the Kardashians profitable in every market. You can’t escape them. They are in clothing department stores, moving to technology and on your tv 24 hours a day. Thank you for gifting us with so many guilty pleasures. We are as a society forever in debt to her.


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