Anonymous asked:

How is Miley Cyrus putting on a fake ass and twerking appropriating black culture? Btw, there is no such thing as black culture.. What you meant to say is "african American ghetto culture."

  • First of all sweetheart the word ghetto is a noun not an adjective that you can just use to describe something poorly made or however ignorant way you were trying to use it.
  • Second of all I’m going to need you to familiarize yourself with what culture appropriation is and what “black culture” is because it does exist.
  • Third of all Miley’s entire gimmick is appropriating black womanhood (and what she thinks is black culture) as a costume
  • Fourth of all Miley said it best when she said ”I want urban, I want something that just feels Black.” last year and then started doing this bafoonery.

Have a blessed day.

Interscope Wants Your Coins


Either Interscope executives saw my post and the universe responded accordingly or this has been the plan all along. Either way we can debate about it all day but that doesn’t invalidate the fact that a single from the most anticipated rap album of the year along with two extremely important others will be dropping in the next coming weeks. The news hit the interwebs last night and music lovers didn’t have a choice but to count their coins and get ready for Interscopes top tier artists to drop new singles for their forthcoming albums. 


Fergie - LA Love (La La) It truly might be 2006 again. The best female white rapper of all time is making her return. If we’re really being honest Fancy can’t touch Fergalicious but that’s another topic for another day. Stacy fucking Ferguson otherwise known as Fergie instead of giving us another a unnecessarily EDM Black Eyed Peas album is back to finally release the followup to 2006’s highly successful debut “Duchess” which spawned three No.1 singles; “London Bridge, Glamorous and Big Girls Don’t Cry. She’s been in the studio trying to finish the album (expected to drop as early as the top of the next year) with hitmaker Mike WiLL Made It and the single is reportedly titled “L.A. Love (La La)” and is reportedly dropping this Monday. We have 5 days to prepare our pockets and get coins for the most anticipated return since Jesus Christ.


Kendrick Lamar - i  *insert it’s been 84 years gif here* The single is aptly titled “i” and features artwork with two gangbangers making hearts with their hands. There is no word on if the song will be produced by Dr Dre as Kdot expressed recently that Dre did work on a lot of the album. Information on the subject matter is mute as well. In true Kendrick Lamar form he could pull a 180 on the world and drop a 45 minutes self loathing freestyle. “i” drops the day after Fergie’s new single; that Tuesday. We have no choice but to prepare our ears and get our coins ready.


Gwen Stefani - Baby Don’t Lie This one is less surprising considering each new season of The Voice brings a musical endeavor that the judges are going to spend the entire season trying to shamelessly promote. Nothing is different here with Ms. Stefani who has been in the studio with her The Voice co-judge and constant collaborator Pharrell (along with Ryan Tedder & Benny Blanco) working on a new solo album AND a new No Doubt album. Interscope is giving us a break and dropping the single “Baby Don’t Lie” next month on the 6th. 

Get your coins ready; Interscope is coming for them.

Sunday Soul - Drugs You Should Try

Despite the fact that he’s a perfect hybrid between Kanye & Cudi thus making mediocre music his new mixtape has some good songs on there. Not on the level of his previous one but this particular song is the upper echelon of good Travis Scott.