A Conversation with Max Murray About His Ambition To Go From A Locally Known Rapper To A Successful Worldwide Rapper.



Max Murray is a close friend of mine. Like a brother to me. I haven’t seen someone my age put as much work into what they want as I have seen Max do. Even his music school that he’s going to said that he already exceeded expectations with them because he has way more songs on his soundcloud than other people in his age group have averaged. He is truly dedicated to what he does and that’s why he is a huge inspiration to me and many other people from our hometown.

Aaron Davis: If you were told to introduce yourself to a crowd what would you say?
Max Murray: My name is Max Murray. I’m an 18 year old rapper from the LA area. I make jokes and music. 
AD: Okay now that we got the introduction out of the way, how long have you been making music?
MM: I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years and I started writing and creating my own music around the age of 13.
AD: When did you decide “hey I’m white and I’m going to pursue rapping”?
MM: At the 7th grade talent show. I remember after the talent show all these eighth graders had me sign their arms and that’s when I knew that I was a rapper. 
AD: So you’ve clearly gotten a lot of support locally through the years, right?
MM: Yes, absolutely.
AD: Do you believe there is such a thing as reaching your best to the point where you don’t have to work anymore?
MM: No, there’s no such thing. You can be satisfied with yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve, everyone can. 
AD: So what’s up with any upcoming projects? I know you’re planning on dropping something soon, right?
MM: Yeah, I have a mixtape coming out in the next couple months called “All For Something” which will be a 10 track mixtape. 
AD: What should we expect from this mixtape? 
MM: There’s more serious songs on this but there are also the fun catchy songs. I feel like it’s definitely something for everybody.
AD: Now, how many mixtapes and songs do you have out as of right now?
MM: On my soundcloud I have about 45 songs and then on band camp I have my mixtape called “tomorrow” on there, that’s a couple years old. And then some random songs on youtube somewhere. 
AD: Your soundcloud is your main source regarding your music and where you post it and 45 songs is quite a lot, how many plays/downloads total do you have on there?
MM: 18,247 plays in total last time I checked. 
AD: Wow! So what keeps you motivated to keep posting music, what’s your driving factor?
MM: The end result. Hopefully it pays off. Also to hang out with Seth Rogan 
AD: So “end result” what is it for you?
MM: To be able to make a living off of my music and never have to work some shitty job that I’ll hate. 
AD: Any feature on a track from any one in the world alive right now, who would it be?
MM: Hoodie Allen. It would be either Hoodie or G-eazy though.
 AD: Who are the top 5 artists that inspire you and your work?
MM: 1. Hoodie Allen 2. Skizzy Mars 3. J. Cole 4. KYLE 5. Chiddy Bang 
AD: If you had to leave advice for anyone pursuing whatever they want, what would you say? 
MM: Keep doing what YOU want to do and don’t worry about what you think people want you to do.
BONUS: Check out the video below for Max’s cover of Half Past Three by Skizzy Mars with yours truly on the guitar

 You can follow Max on twitter and instagram @maximusprimed