In 1982 Michael Jackson asked Paul Mccartney for advice and Paul advised him to invest in music publishing. 13 years later MJ  used this advice against him and bought proceeded to buy the ATV’s back catalogue which included publishing rights to the entire Beatles catalog. 

Paul was pissed.

In 1982 Michael Jackson asked Paul Mccartney for advice and Paul advised him to invest in music publishing. 13 years later MJ  used this advice against him and bought proceeded to buy the ATV’s back catalogue which included publishing rights to the entire Beatles catalog. 

Paul was pissed.

Fap In The Name Of Not Having A Child Before You Graduate Highschool.


 *fap fap fap fap fap* The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation we all know and love. Masturbation. These continuous strokes of pure euphoria are vital to a man’s happiness. The lotion. The tissues. The porn. It all contributes to us guys’ bravado. It usually starts right around the time our voices deepen and our balls drop. Puberty. This joyous time brings about many changes but none greater then our increased libido. This sudden urge to have sex dominates your teen years. Many guys, such as I, even became a little bit sexually frustrated during this period of time. Most of my internet search history during my early teenage years consisted of sites like PornHub. It was my way of “dealing with my demons”. A quick fap session was enough to tame my sexual hunger.

 Masturbation is a practice that women also indulge in. This is not some one sided sexist practice. It provides the exact same outcome as male masturbation, Pleasure and taming sexual frustration. Studies show that most girls over the age of 18 have tried it at least once. Although masturbation feels good it is shunned by society. Phrases like “this loser can’t get pussy so he just beats his meat all day”  are often directed to dudes those who indulge in this vice. People’s incompetence towards understanding the bible has even been thrown into this with some claiming it’s a sin. Some hardcore Christians who are on a crusade to stop their children from being human have dubbed it “self rape”. They have invented an anti-masturbation cross to prevent this and teach kids to keep their hands away from their “sin zones” from an early age.


Although it feels good, Masturbation alone is not enough to keep someone away from sex. It’s normal. We as a species are wired to crave sex.

Female masturbation is looked down upon even more than male masturbation. It’s like some sort of forbidden practice. The myth that girls don’t poop is in the same category as that girls don’t masturbate. If a guy tweeted he was going to go fap no one would really care that much because it’s expected but still taboo. But if a girl did the whole world would go into overdrive. Due to this sexist attitude behind girls and there sexuality and how they decide to deal with their need to please themselves. This double standard and pressure leads to girls feeling ashamed of themselves if they really care what other people think and want to please their church and parents; so they have to deal with these sexual urges in other ways but ultimately there is no avoiding it. But if you ask me mom and dad would rather catch you masturbating than find out they’re gonna be grandparent’s about 15 years early.

When it comes down to saying goodbye to good ol’ Handy and hello to some real action many teens screw up. Whether they failed to use protection or “pull-out” they usually end up with a big problem: teen pregnancy. Let’s face the facts. Teens are stupid. We can barely take care of ourselves, now some must take up the responsibility of caring for a baby. This leads to many teen parents deciding to put their kid up for adoption or even deciding to end its life through abortion.

I believe that this can all be avoided with one thing. m a s t u r b a t i o n. If masturbation were accepted by society then teens wouldn’t feel the pressure to have sex as much. Teen pregnancy is looked down upon. It’s taboo. It’s worse than masturbation in the eyes of present-day society. You are taught not to have sex but not really taught anything about masturbation. It’s left out.

I know a girl who got pregnant at 17. she had everything going for her. She was an honor student, she was pretty, she was an athlete, and she had good friends and family around her. Turns out that her boyfriend forgot to use a condom. using the excuse, “my pullout game too strong”. She believed him, one thing led to another and know she’s a single mom struggling to be successful. Apparently his pullout game was weak as fuck. This could’ve all been avoided if they both hadn’t given in to the temptations of sex.

Sex is great. I’ve been on both ends and believe me, it is so much better than masturbation. But if you’re going to do it use protection. wrap your willy. and if not then stick to fapping. Sex can make your life so much better but it also holds the power to fuck it up too. Its a double-edged sword and if you’re not ready to hold it then don’t pick it up. Regardless of the ridicule, fapping is great. It’s a personal choice that shouldn’t be such a big deal. Your hand is your friend, through thick and thin it’ll always be there for you. Be proud about it. There’s no shame in masturbation (unless you’re fapping to some creepy fetish porn).

 Grab the lotion and tissues and your hand or whatever you need and have a good time.

Justin Timberlake 2.0 is here. The former drummer for one of Disney’s greatest creations The Jonas Brothers has released his first effort as a solo artist and I must say it’s surprisingly very urban, un teen-boper-ish and very very good for your ears. Following the likes of JT & Beyoncé we see him trying to solidify his place as just as good and if not better of an artist as he was with his band members.  During the 3 minutes and 23 seconds he sounds very very similar like The Weeknd/Boots and I have no problem with that.

Alternative R&B has a new leader.