Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

New music from Lorde has graced the interwebs on this dreadful Monday morning.  ’Yellow Flicker Beat will appear on the upcoming soundtrack for the newest edition in The Hunger Games franchise; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay [Part 1]. The film will be out on November 21st and you can check out Lorde’s tourdates here and see if she’s coming to a city near you.

Listen to a stream of ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ above.

P.S. Hey lorde when are we getting a new album though? We can only listen to the greatness that is your ‘Hold My Liquor’ cover for so long. 

It’s ‘Shondaland’ And We’re All Living In It Whether We Like It Or Not.



I’m sure somewhere in her office next to her Emmy’s and the unanswered voice memo’s from Katherine Heigl, Shonda Rhimes has the “Take it to another level no passengers on my plane” Beyoncè lyric engraved. That lyric truly details the success of Rhimes. All she has to do is have her name attached to a show and it’s ratings gold. If she wanted she could start making Shonda Rhimes executive produced/written commercials at a certain time slot and people would tune in. 

Hearing "Written by Shonda Rhimes or Executive produced by Shonda Rhimes" just means you’re tuning in for good quality television that just happens to be diverse. Your soul just knows there’s enriching coming when it’s #TGIT. There’s a difference between the way Shonda brings her diversity in opposed to the way others try to shove it down our throat as natural. In Scandal Cyrus just happens to be gay and there isn’t some big plot spent analyzing it. Shonda doesn’t have these characters in there to fill some diversity quota; it’s natural. The character’s sexuality isn’t mentioned unless it’s relevant to the plot ie; episode eight from season three of scandal where Cyrus baits his husband into sleeping with the vice president’s in the closet husband. 

Writer Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times is probably mad that her office is the size of a closet and her boss doesn’t respect her and she’s stuck writing these mediocre culture critic pieces. So last week before the biggest premiere of ABC’s fall schedule she took it upon herself to write an article where she not only classified Rhimes as an angry black woman but went on to call the star of Rhimes’ newest show How To Get Away With Murder; Viola Davis “less classically beautiful”.

 The Hollywood Reporter asked 30 people who work with Shonda to describe her in three words and “angry black woman” didn’t come up once. None of those words came up.



Kerry WashingtonScandal

Brilliant, compassionate, courageous

Chandra WilsonGrey’s Anatomy
Writer, shy, decisive

Viola DavisHow to Get Away With Murder
Innovative, courageous, visionary

Kevin McKiddGrey’s Anatomy
Inspirational, intuitive, deeply passionate

Bellamy YoungGrey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal
Genius life-changer

Tom VericaGrey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder
Beautiful, gifted, powerful

You can read the full list here but the  biggest kicker to the face of Alessandra Sanley’s weak attempt to invalidate Shonda’s success is the staggering viewing numbers that came in the night after last Thursday’s #TGIT big season premiere. Grey’s Anatomy averaged 9.8 millions viewers, Scandal with 11.9 million viewers and How To Get Away With Murder averaged 14 million viewers.

Who cares about being classically beautiful when a network has created a weekly three hour block dedicated to shows that came out of your production company and they all average more than 9 million viewers on the first week?  

Somehow There’s A New Danity Kane Album Coming Out And We’re Here For It…


Somehow someway some shape or form (and without Diddy and two other members) Danity Kane is releasing a new album next month.

After getting back together without D Woods, without Aundrea Fimbres (after she left midway through the comeback to pursue starting a family) and finally after the three remaining girls Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex and Dawn Richards disbanded after a physical altercation with Aubrey and Dawn there is light at the end of the tunnel; a new album.

The album from the former stars of Diddy’s Making The Band is slated for a October 28th release with a pre-release available on iTunes right now. It’s very unclear how the threesome will handle promo considering they aren’t a functioning group anymore. 

Apparently the final argument that broke the group up is the girls being upset amongst each other about the splitting of the singing parts resulting in a conflict where Dawn hit Aubrey on the back of her head after walking in on Shannon and Aubrey talking about her.

TMZ headline gossip aside the album is executive produced by The Stereotypes who produced their biggest hit “Damaged”. The second single was released yesterday entitled “Rhythm of Love.” It’s a good pop song that they should continue to make music similar to in the future if they can give this a go in the future. Judging from the album snippets its a shame an album this good will essentially go to waste because a group of people can’t actually work together long enough to not hit each other like this is a Mayweather pay per view fight.

 I guess what they say about Diddy is true; everything he touches turns to gold and then starts to rust because it’s fake unkept gold.

You can listen to “Rhythm Of Love” above and the album snippets below.